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CBR Summer Institute 2023 a success!

Wed. Jul. 5, 2023

The Community-Based Research Training Centre (CBTRC) is co-led by Shauna MacKinnon, Professor and Chair, and Julie Chamberlain, Assistant Professor, in the Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies. The Centre is coordinated by Dagen Perrott (UWinnipeg alumnus 2023) and is a joint project of the University of Winnipeg and the Manitoba Research Alliance.

Thank you to Julie Chamberlain and Dagen Perrott for sharing the following piece reporting on a successful event that was held in June.

Listening to passionate individuals speak about their work and how it positively impacts communities was truly inspiring. It encourages me to pursue my own passions and make a difference through Community-Based Research” – CBR Summer Institute Participant

The Community-Based Research Training Centre (CBRTC) held its first CBR Summer Institute at Merchants Corner on June 19-20, 2023. It was a great success, which one participant called “one of the most influential trainings I've ever attended.”

Design of the summer institute responded to what the CBRTC team often hears from students and community members interested in CBR: they need opportunities for hands-on, in-depth training. We balanced skill building with conceptual reflections in a recipe that received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

participants gather for lunch at small square cafe tables in a bright space at Merchants Corner



Participants connect over lunch at Merchants Corner at the first Community-Based Research Summer Institute.
Photo credit: Julie Chamberlain (June 19, 2023)

We opened the first day by getting to know each of the two dozen participants and highlighting the principles of CBR: community leadership, participation, meaningful relationships, and action-orientation. A wonderful student panel shared the benefits and challenges of leading and working on CBR projects in Winnipeg’s North End. They encouraged participants to dive in and see themselves as researchers, and to view anxiety as a helper.

panel of five as viewed from the back of a brightly lit classroom at Merchants Corner

Panel discussion about navigating insider/outsider positionality in CBR with panelists Chelsea Bannatyne, Kathy Mallet, Shauna MacKinnon, Chantal Fiola, and moderator Dagen Perrott
Photo credit: Jess Klassen (June 20, 2023) 

Two in-depth sessions addressed high-demand skills in CBR: the nitty-gritty of interviewing and how to conduct literature reviews. We then reflected on the benefits and tensions of doing CBR in communities that you’re an insider or outsider to with thoughtful sharing from skilled practitioners. The institute concluded with a highlight session for participants, where Fadi Ennab spoke about advocacy, backlash, and CBR. 

Fueled by participants’ energy and excitement, we’re looking forward to planning a CBR Summer Institute for 2024 in an ongoing partnership with the Oral History Centre.

Dr. Julie Chamberlain
Assistant Professor in Urban and Inner-City Studies and

Dagen Perrott
Program Assistant

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