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Success at UWinnipeg continues at Carleton University

Mon. Apr. 25, 2022

This is an update on a story we brought you about a year ago. At that time, Kassandra Nelson was one of our graduating students, having completed a four-year BA (Honours) in Sociology. Kassandra had accepted an offer for more than $30,000 to do her MA at Carleton University, where she planned to continue the research she started as a student at UWinnipeg.

Kassandra NelsonKassandra Nelson, now at Carleton University, reports that she’s “getting everything in place to write [her] thesis starting in September.” Photo supplied

Fast forward to April 2022 − and thanks to Sociology professor, Dr. Kimberley Ducey − we were able to hear from Kassandra, who provided the following for us, “From the Center of Canada to the Capital of Canada – An update on ‘Life at Carleton.’”

Moving to Ottawa for graduate studies has been amazing! My first year was definitely challenging, especially since the fall semester and half of the winter semester were online due to COVID and the occupation of Ottawa. Nonetheless, I finished the year and have enjoyed everything I've learned. There is definitely a learning curve in the expectations of graduate studies and the pace the courses take. 

I had the opportunity to present at Wilfred Laurier University - Justice, Crime, and Deviance Graduate Research and Networking Conference in March and I am preparing to present at the Canadian Sociological Association Congress in May! 

Now I'm settling into experiencing the summer in Ottawa and getting everything in place to write my thesis starting in September! 

Kassandra Nelson MA student in Ottawa

Here Kassandra looks out from the "O" in Ottawa.
Photo supplied

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