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New faculty member in 2021-22: Dr. Alex Tepperman

Mon. Apr. 18, 2022

The Faculty of Arts is pleased to welcome new faculty members in several departments this year including: Criminal Justice; English; History; Political Science; Psychology; Religion and Culture; Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications; Sociology; Theatre and Film; and Urban and Inner-City Studies.

We're asking each of our new faculty members to introduce themselves by providing us with a brief profile highlighting their research, a list of courses they'll teach, and a photo. That way we'll recognize them when we meet them in the halls on campus or in Zoom meetings online.

Dr. Alex Tepperman (Criminal Justice)

Dr. Alex Tepperman
According to Dr. Kelly Gorkoff, Dr. Alex Tepperman "brings research on historical persectives of justice paired with extensive teaching experience to our program."

(photo supplied)

Here, we feature Dr. Alex Tepperman, who is Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice. Dr. Tepperman has a background in criminology and history and completed his studies in Canada and the United States. Dr. Kelly Gorkoff, Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice, states: "We are delighted to have Dr Tepperman as a new faculty member. He brings research on historical perspectives of justice paired with extensive teaching experience to our program and we look forward to his contribution."

Please join us all in welcoming Dr. Tepperman to the Faculty of Arts. And thank you to him for providing his profile info and photo.


Before arriving in Winnipeg, Dr. Tepperman spent three years as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the Spartanburg branch of the University of South Carolina. While that was an enriching experience, he is thrilled to return to Canada and is working toward making the University of Winnipeg a significant space for historical criminology research moving into the future.

At present, Dr. Tepperman is working on multiple projects relating to the historicization of crime and justice. One project is the creation of a Canadian Centre for Historical Criminology at UW. The other is a comparative history of Jewish crime in Canada and the United States as a means of considering the stories that communities tell themselves about crime and deviance.


PhD – History, University of Florida

MA – Criminology, University of Toronto

MA – History, University of Rochester

BA – History, University of Toronto


  • Introduction to Criminal Justice – CJ-1002
  • Institutional Corrections – CJ-2203
  • Historical Criminology – CJ-3400/4400

Research interests

Historical perspectives and methods; global/Southern criminology; narrative criminology; ethnography