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Arts retirees for 2021: Prof. Tim Babcock

Thu. Nov. 18, 2021

This year saw the retirement of four of our professors, all of whom are outstanding both in their respective fields and as teachers and mentors. Knowing they'll be greatly missed this fall, we asked some of their colleagues, friends, and former students to share their thoughts.

Today, we highlight one of these remarkable people, Prof. Tim Babcock (THFM).

Tim Babcock and Diane Hurricane
According to Dean of Arts, Dr. Glenn Moulaison, "The projects and changes that were initiated under [Tim Babcock] have made Theatre and Film a thriving and diverse Department."

Prof. Tim Babcock with Donna Babcock

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Prof. Tim Babcock, a professor and longtime chair in the Department of Theatre and Film, retired as of January 1, 2021. Here colleagues offer their well wishes to him on his retirement. It is clear in reading these that, despite his retirement, Tim Babcock's impact on the people, the program, and the community will be felt for years to come.

Dr. Claire Borody, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre and Film: "One of the things that I most appreciated about working with Tim was that I found him to be down to earth and approachable. I work in experimental theatre and even though I feel sure that he did not always understand what I was doing, he always supported the vision, took time to see what I was doing and on several occasions become actively involved. On a personal note, I will always be grateful for Tim's support and kindness, during a time of great loss in my life."

Mr. Aaron Frost, Instructor, Department of Theatre and Film: "Tim always brought a great, big smile when he’d visit the ‘Carp shop’. Especially when he had a collection of empty coffee cans for us to mix paint in. His cares just seemed to melt away. Tim has dedicated himself wholly to the success of the theatre department and its students. I don’t even want to know how many committees he’s been on over the course of his career. Probably too many! I’ll always appreciate Tim’s hard work on our shows and for the department. He has always been a great teacher, teaching partner, and a friend. All the best Tim!"

Dr. Glenn Moulaison: "Over many years, Professor Babcock chaired a complex Department, with many moving parts. The projects and changes that were initiated under him have made Theatre and Film a thriving and diverse Department."
Prof. Christopher Brauer, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Theatre and Fim: "Tim was a central architect of our program. He is responsible for helping to launch countless careers in the performing arts and beyond. He always felt a deep sense of responsibility to the students and to the program overall and would always go the extra mile - late nights setting up shows, driving students home from late calls to ensure they were safe, and tirelessly working on the extensive admin that our program requires. He was a mentor to me when I joined the program and has continued to offer assistance even after retirement. He left big shoes to fill and will be much missed."