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Dr. Kevin Walby publishes a new book

Wed. Jan. 16, 2019

“Publish or perish” or so the old adage goes and it’s one that Dr. Kevin Walby, Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, seems to have taken to heart given his remarkable publication record. According to Dr. Glenn Moulaison, Dean of Arts, "Dr. Walby's level of achievement in this area is nothing if not impressive."

Dr. Walby's new book entitled A Criminology of Policing and Security Frontiers (Bristol University Press, 2019) is co-authored with Dr. Randy K. Lippert, Professor of Criminology at the University of Windsor, and is featured on the Arts Bookshelf for 2019.

image of book coverAbout the book: 
Policing and security provision are subjects central to criminology. Yet there are newer and neglected forms that are currently unscrutinised.

By examining the work of community safety officers, ambassador patrols, conservation officers, and private police foundations, who operate on and are animated by a frontier, this book reveals why criminological inquiry must reach beyond traditional conceptual and methodological boundaries in the 21st century.

Including novel case studies, this multi-disciplinary and international book assembles a rich collection of police and security frontiers both geographical (e.g. the margins of cities) and conceptual (dispersion and credentialism) not seen or acknowledged previously. (Bristol University Press, 2019)

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