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Daniel Russell as Valedictorian

Fri. Nov. 9, 2018

Daniel Russel

Daniel Russell addresses the 2018 Fall Convocation.

In a valedictory address that was at times both funny and touching, Daniel Russell, Classics graduate with an Honours degree (languages stream), offered some words of wisdom to graduates based on his time at UWinnipeg. His five "lessons learned" include 1) practicality - don’t rush to the first bus with the crowd when you’re better to wait for the second, 2) frugality - never pay for overpriced food (his tip, the best value at Diversity is the $2.50 cinnamon bun), 3) steer your course away from the sliver of hallway that is the passageway from Centennial Hall to Manitoba Hall, 4) patience - wait for the rush at the bookstore to pass (if you’re lucky you won’t have a fully grown beard by the time you leave), and 5) community - UWinnipeg is different from other universities - to the benefit of students and professors alike - where professors are genuinely rooting for their students’ success.