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Arts at Open House - with a little R&B!

Fri. Feb. 23, 2018

Anthony Sannie, UWinnipeg student, and Jaqueline McLeod Rogers, Associate Dean of Arts

Anthony Sannie, UWinnipeg Arts student and rap/R&B artist, with Jaqueline McLeod Rogers, Acting Associate Dean of Arts at the UWinnipeg's 2018 Open House

Photo credit: Veralyn Warkentin

Jaqueline McLeod Rogers, Acting Associate Dean, accepted the role of speaking for the Faculty of Arts at UWinnipeg's 2018 Open House. She pointed to mounting evidence showing that a degree is arts is increasingly recognized as a career credential. Employers enthuse about the skills of Arts graduates--skills in areas such as critical thinking, creative thinking, oral and written communication, information literacy and project completion, among them. Graduates find such skills highly portable in a fast-changing work environment and the Arts degree itself effective as a stand-alone credential (although it continues to serve as a springboard into professional schools). Job-getting and wage-earning aside, she pointed out that students find other immense satisfactions in exploring the multiple Arts subjects that raise questions about being in the world. 

She turned the mic over to Anthony Sannie, an arts student who is a member of The Lytics (a local rap group with a growing international audience) who is also beginning to pursue several solo creative projects. After reflecting on how his education feeds his creativity and connects him with “bigger ideas,” Anthony shared, acapella style, a gorgeous sample of a track that moved from rap to R&B. He let us hear the idea that “sometimes ya gotta let  the rain fall down on you.” It was a high point of the Open House when he shared his talent.