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News from Religion and Culture

Tue. Dec. 1, 2015

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REL/EALC Newsletter Fall 2015

Contributors: Jane Barter, Rachel Berg, Shanae Blaquiere, Carlos Colorado, Peggy Day, Rory Dickson, Mark Graham, Youngok Kang-Bohr, Ying Kong, Jeffrey Newmark, Heather Patrick, Mark Ruml, Jet Santiago, Lenore Szekely

Formatting, layout & design: Rachel Berg

The Department of Religion and Culture/East Asian Languages and Cultures Program has produced its third annual fall newsletter highlighting all of the happenings in their programs in the previous year. Interesting photos punctuate updates from the Department Chair, Jane Barter, and departmental members. The newsletter includes a number of features such as:

  • Student news - Heather Patrick, a graduate student in the final year of her MA program, reflects on her program and accomplishments
  • Alumni profile - "Mark Graham: Languages of the Ancient Near East Master"
  • Japanese Program news, including "Jet Santiago's reflections on the Kyoto Field Study"
  • Notes about an innovative experiential learning course "Stories from the field: Indigenous Ceremonies and Healing"
  • A preview of two upcoming travel courses - "Korea Field Study: Summer 2006" and "Reformation Course: Germany 2017"
  • An introduction to the Department's new faculty member, Dr. W. Rory Dickson
  • Highlights from the Spring Institute: "Public Religion in a Secular World" and the launch of the Axworthy Distinguished Lecture

It's well worth the read!