CJ: Allison Fenske of the Public Interest Law Centre

Wed. Nov. 22 12:30 PM - Wed. Nov. 22 01:30 PM
Contact: Dr. Steven Kohm
Location: 3C14

Allison Fenske will be speaking about the many ways lawyers can engage with the criminal justice system, outside of the day-to-day trenches of a criminal law practice. She will be offering some insight into opportunities for both systemic law reform, including constitutional issues around sentencing and prisoner rights, as well as individual advocacy, including the representation of victims of crime.

Growing up in Northern Manitoba, Allison Fenske learned that your community is what you make of it. Today, she is a lawyer with the Public Interest Law Centre, where she strives to use the law in ways to level the playing field and create equality of opportunities for people living in vulnerable or marginalized communities. In addition to a busy legal practice, she also teaches a course on Women and the Law at the University of Winnipeg