CJ: PD Seminar on Grad School

Wed. Jan. 20 12:30 PM - Wed. Jan. 20 01:30 PM
Contact: Professor Kevin Walby 204-786-9105
Location: 2M70

The Department of Criminal Justice presents: a Professional Development Seminar on Graduate School

This professional development seminar will provide an opportunity for students in the 3rd and 4th years of undergraduate study to reflect on their academic experience at University of Winnipeg, and to think about the transition from undergraduate studies into the professional world of graduate school. Students will be encouraged to evaluate their knowledge, abilities, and interests as they develop and/or refine educational and career goals. The seminar will offer skills that prepare students for success in future educational endeavours such as graduate school. We will also discuss issues such as graduate funding, MA theses, and publications. There is no one way to be an academic, but this seminar will give students an awareness of the decisions they must make some day about the kind of scholars, teachers and professionals they hope to be. The seminar will include a roundtable discussion and question and answer period involving current and former graduate students. Undergraduate students who are considering applying to graduate school are encouraged to bring questions and to participate in the discussion.