Classical Association of Canada's Western tour: Dr. M. Papaioannou

Mon. Sep. 21 04:00 PM - Mon. Sep. 21 05:15 PM
Contact: Conor Whately
Location: Eckhardt Gramatte Hall, University of Winnipeg

Dr. Maria Papaioannou, Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Hellenic Studies at the University of New Brunswick, is this year's Classical Association of Canada's Western Tour lecturer. Dr. Papaioannou did her undergraduate work in archaeology at the University of Thessaloniki in Greece, before doing her MA (Classical Archaeology) and Ph.D (Classics) at the University of British Columbia. Click here to go to Dr. Papaioannou's full bio on the University of New Brunswick website.

Admission to the lecture is free and all faculty, staff, and students, as well as the general public, are welcome to attend. In addition to having an excellent research program, Dr. Papaioannou is passionate about bringing the study of archaeology to the public, so it promises to be of interest to a general audience as well as to specialists.

Lecture title and brief description

"A journey through the ruins of Ancient Abdera: Man-eating horses, the atom, and cranial surgery"

Ancient Abdera, a city little known to the western world, lies along the fertile coast of northern Greece. According to some mythical accounts it was founded by the hero Herakles, however the city’s 'claim to fame' was not mythical but cultural as it was once the home of the famous philosopher and mathematician Democritus, often acknowledged as the father of modern science and the atom theory. This talk will take us on a tour through the ancient site as we explore the remains of houses, ship sheds, harbours, and cemeteries, and I will present some of the results of my research in an attempt to reconstruct the physical environment and provide a glimpse of everyday life in this ancient city.