Dr. Justin Friesen: Psychology Department Candidate's talk

Fri. May. 29 01:30 PM - Fri. May. 29 02:45 PM
Location: 4L28

Dr. Justin Friesen, Psychology Department Candidate:

"The Upside and Downside of Inequality: Psychological Effects of Social Hierarchy and Intergroup Differences"

Dr. Friesen is a UWinnipeg alumnus and is currently a Post-Doctoral Associate at York University.

“People often value equality, yet social hierarchies are everywhere. I present data showing that one possible reason for the ubiquity of hierarchies is that they fulfill important psychological needs, such as helping people feel that their social worlds are structured and orderly. However, in many contexts there is also a downside to inequality, and I also present research on how cross-race contexts can produce deficits in emotion recognition because of basic differences in how outgroup faces are processed.”

Everyone is welcome to attend.