Come Watch a Documentary for Free! 'Blueberry Soup'

Fri. Mar. 20 12:30 PM - Fri. Mar. 20 02:30 PM
Contact: Prof. Aaron Moore 204-786-9387
Location: Room 3C01

Jaws dropped around the world on October 9, 2008 as a small collective of bankers brought an entire nation to its knees. “Blueberry Soup” chronicles the three-year aftermath of the Icelandic financial collapse that resulted in the extraordinary re-writing of that nation’s constitution. Frustrated and angry as a result of the collapse, Icelanders elected a committee of 25 non-politicians to re-write their constitution to ensure such a disaster would never happen again.

500 citizens ran for the constitutional election and 25 were chosen. These represent an eclectic array of Iceland’s society, among them: a teacher, a pastor, a radio host, a lawyer, an artist, a farmer and an activist.