Dialogues: "Je Suis Charlie? Satire and Violence in a Multicultural Democracy"

Fri. Mar. 6 12:30 PM - Fri. Mar. 6 01:30 PM
Contact: Jason Hannan, 204-786-9453
Location: 3C12

Please join us for a public forum on the meaning and implications of the Charlie Hebdo massacre for multicultural democracies. Brief presentations will be followed by Q&A.
All are welcome to join the discussion.

JIM CLARK is Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology. He is a cognitive psychologist who studies the mental representation of language and imagery. He has an avid interest in science as a privileged way of knowing and strongly believes universities must remain faithful to academic traditions of reason and empirical

BRUNO CORNELLIER is Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies in the Department of English. His book on cinema and the politics of Indigenous representation in Québec and Canada is currently in print with the Montreal-based, francophone academic publisher Nota Bene. He has also published in Settler Colonial Studies, the Canadian Journal of Film Studies, the London Journal of Canadian Studies, and Nouvelles Vues.