Psychology Month Lecture: The Psychology of Pseudoscience

Wed. Feb. 4 12:30 PM - Wed. Feb. 4 01:30 PM
Contact: Carolynn Smallwood 204-786-9130
Location: 4L28

February is Psychology Month, and to recognize the importance of psychology in everyone’s life, the Psychology Department is planning several events to be held during the month of February. All are welcome to attend these events.

When: February 4, 2015; 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.
Where: 4L28

The first event will be a lecture by Dr. Jim Clark (Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department) on the topic of The Psychology of Pseudoscience. Dr. Clark is a cognitive psychologist interested in the fallibility of human thinking and the corrective nature of science in arriving at valid beliefs. This talk will focus on what psychology reveals about the nature of pseudoscientific beliefs (e.g., the paranormal, conspiracy theories, alternative medicine).