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Marriage and Family Therapists are mental health professionals who are trained to work with couples, families and individuals from a systemic/relational perspective. The Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT) program at the University of Winnipeg is The MMFT program is one of the few programs in the country that offers a master’s degree to prepare students for careers as marriage and family therapists. The program is known for its academic and clinical rigor, training students to work within a systemic/relational framework.

The Master of Marriage and Family Therapy is a clinical degree. It is a non-thesis program with courses that provides students with a theoretical framework for their clinical work. The MMFT Program of study consists of 63 credit hours (59 required and four elective credits). Supervised Marriage and Family Therapy courses (i.e., practicum) make up 24 of the 63 credit hours in the Program. Students are required to provide 500 hours of therapy under supervision in order to graduate with a Master’s degree. The usual ratio is around 2 hours of supervision for every 5 hours of therapy. Most of these hours are completed at Aurora Family Therapy Centre, located on the University of Winnipeg campus. During the last year of practicum, students are required to take Graduate Seminar. This course combines their learning across the degree and provides a capstone experience in the final paper. Students research and articulate their own integrated theory of therapy with examples from their client work.

The Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT) is designed for those who want a quality professional education/training in this field. School counselors, social workers, pastoral workers and other helping professionals may use this training to develop a specialty in relationship therapy; or mature persons with an unrelated undergraduate degree and work experience may choose this program as a vehicle for career change. The program is structured for part-time study. Under extenuating circumstances, when part-time study is not possible, we would accommodate a student’s need for a full-time study (3 years). Most students are part-time and the average time it takes to complete the master’s degree requirements is 6-7 years. For more information, please email

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(The MMFT Program is currently seeking COAMFTE accreditation.)