Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research

C-FIR students and research associates are an important part of our ongoing research and training initiatives. Creating opportunities for meaningful student involvement through education and research is crucial to successfully fulfilling C-FIR’s original mandate and objectives. By becoming involved in faculty research, C-FIR students and research associates gain valuable experience from and contribute to projects in many relevant fields, including forest ecology and biology, forest policy and planning, conservation, recreation, wildlife management, Aboriginal forestry, forest economics, forest health, silviculture, and growth and yield. Below are current and past students and research associates who have worked with C-FIR faculty.





Sheri Anderson, Phd. (Johnson) 

Climate change vulnerability assessment of Mistik Management’s FMA in western Saskatchewan

Ana Breit, MSc.
Thermoregulation, social behaviour and pathogen transmission

Nicole Dorville, MSc. (Willis)

Potential treatments for white-nose syndrome in bats

Adrienne Ducharme, MSc. (Casson)

Topographic and climate controls on dissolved organic carbon export from boreal forested catchments

Andrew Habrich, M.Sc (Willis)

Winter/summer movements and habitat selection by endangered bats

Julia Lawler, MSc. (Bullock)

Assessing Indigenous control & benefits through Manitoba’s Community Timber Allocation Program

Trevor Moore, MSc.
Habitat enhancement as a management tool for endangered bats

Kaleigh Norquay, MSc. (Willis)                         

Citizen science and long-term monitoring of endangered bats

Nicholas Palaschuk, MSc. (Bullock)

Sustainable development of non-timber forest products in northeastern Ontario: A case study of the Missanabie Cree First Nation

Jennifer Januscz Renton, MSc.(Park)

Habitat selection by the Slate Island boreal woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou)

Johanna Robson, MSc. (Tardif) 

Tree-ring analysis of black spruce in southern boreal peatlands of Manitoba, central Canada


Student Project

2015  C. Grigoras, MSc. (Westwood)              

Commercial replacement of Jack pine with red pine in the eastern boreal forests of Manitoba–effects on plant and insect diversity

2014  C. Talbot, MSc. (Westwood, Park)

Trees of tomorrow: Potential candidates for assisted migration to Manitoba forests.

2013  J. Dupont, MSc.

Survival and conservation of the endangered Poweshiek Skipper in tall grass prairie habitats in Manitoba

2013  C. Rigney, MSc. (Park, Westwood)

An assessment of Dakota skipper (Hesperia dacotae) habitat use and dispersal capabilities in western Manitoba

2010  J. Renton, MSc. (Park)          The impact of cattle grazing on aspen regeneration on Crown lands in western Manitoba


Student Project
2017  S. Eidse , BSc. (Bullock)                                       A comparative policy analysis of community forest tenures in Canada: Lessons for Manitoba

2015  J. Rodgers, BSc. (Westwood)

Variation in habitat characteristics between sites with consistent and sporadic populations of the Poweshiek skipperling (Oarisma poweshiek) butterfly in Manitoba

2015  R. Miller, BSc. (Westwood)

The influence of forest cover on beetle diversity in three Winnipeg neighbourhoods (Insecta: Coleoptera)

2013  C. Church, BSc. (Westwood)

Assessment of newly planted tree varieties in various types of residential subdivisions in Winnipeg