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Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research

The Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research (C-FIR) at The University of Winnipeg is dedicated to interdisciplinary research, education, and training in forest science, policy and management. Established in 1998, C-FIR focuses on understanding the ecological, economic, and socio-cultural conditions that shape forests and the natural resources provided by forest systems in Manitoba and around the world. C-FIR researchers carry out leading edge natural and social science research to advance understanding of past, present and future changes and impacts, as well as the links between forest ecosystems and society, in order to promote more sustainable use of forest environments.

C-FIR Management Plan 2014 [PDF]

Founding Members


The University of Winnipeg

Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.

Manitoba Hydro

Pine Falls Paper Company

Manitoba Sustainable Development

Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Manitoba Model Forest Inc.

Canada Foundation for Innovation

Research Manitoba (formerly Manitoba Innovations Fund)