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Dr. Liliane Rodriguez

Linguist, Historian, Faculty Member

Exploring French history and heritage

During her 30-year career at The University of Winnipeg, Dr. Liliane Rodriguez has shared her innovative research into French linguistics with thousands of students.

Prior to joining the Department of Modern Languages, Rodriguez earned her degrees in linguistics, stylistics, and literature in Paris, France. Her long-term projects on the evolution of the French language, compare contemporary usage with forms found in historical documents, tracing unusual words back to their origins in France.

She was among the first to study the linguistic variations of French in Manitoba and Western Canada — shedding new light on French culture and heritage in the country.

Rodriguez is genuinely passionate about her research and is actively engaged in knowledge mobilization, publishing 130 scholarly articles, six books, and speaking at numerous local and international conferences and round-table discussions.

Her administrative contributions have helped shape curriculum development and student exchange programs in her department. She has also been instrumental in developing a new minor in comparative literature and a new major in interdisciplinary linguistics now offered at UWinnipeg.

Internationally, Rodriguez has helped organize colloquia and has received research awards from the French Embassy and Consulate. She was also appointed to a panel of experts to assess Swiss research policies in the humanities.

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