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Dr. Patrick Deane

Former Vice-President, Academic and Acting President

Dr. Patrick Deane

Dr. Patrick Deane

Steering UWinnipeg through turbulent times

Dr. Patrick Deane, the widely admired President and Vice-Chancellor of McMaster University, is much sought after as a personable and vitally effective leader in Canadian university circles. Deane served The University of Winnipeg as Vice-President, Academic and then as Acting President during a turbulent era in the early 2000s.  

His contemporary vision of a Canadian postsecondary system with a seamless local and global vocation — a system that integrates inbound and outbound international and Canadian students and faculty, research initiatives, and curricular development — continues to inspire academics and their wider communities across the country and abroad.  

When Deane took on the role of Acting President at UWinnipeg in 2002, he shouldered numerous challenges. At that time, the University faced a period of transition within the ranks of senior administration, as well as a financial crisis — struggling with both a deficit and longstanding pension issues. Criticism and public scrutiny added to the challenge of governing the institution.

Deane served the University in an exemplary manner, allowing it to rebuild and move forward. During his tenure as Acting President, the University community pulled together, the accumulated deficit was eliminated, a balanced budget was presented, and the University’s new fundraising arm was established.

Deane also provided stability via development of a strategic plan and an academic plan to guide decision making. Known for his quiet manner and confidence in the abilities of others, Deane demonstrated a collaborative leadership style, inspiring others to teamwork.

For his exceptional contributions, Deane was awarded UWinnipeg’s Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Self-Governance, in 2004.

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