For Graduate Students

Writing Centre


Hi, I’m Max Bledstein. I am the Graduate Student Tutor at the University of Winnipeg. Being the Graduate Student Tutor means:

- I provide one-on-one peer tutoring to graduate students as well as provide genre specific (proposal, conference paper, citation) workshops for individual graduate programs

- I work closely with the faculty of each graduate program in order to better understand and help graduate students with their program’s specific writing requirements

- I provide peer support to graduate students and wish to facilitate a community amongst graduate students throughout the University of Winnipeg

As a student in the University of Winnipeg’s Cultural Studies graduate program, I was interested in becoming the Graduate Student Tutor because I wanted to help foster a rich and vibrant academic environment.

You can reach me by my e-mail: or through the Tutoring Centre website: I am available for one-on-one peer tutoring in the University of Winnipeg’s Tutoring Centre (Room 3G11), but I encourage students to participate in their graduate department’s tutoring workshops as their writing concerns will most likely be addressed during these sessions.