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Effective Wednesday, May 23, 2012 we launched a new and improved wireless service at the University of Winnipeg for students, faculty and staff who want to use their personal devices on campus.

We have created a new wireless network with increased capacity, greater accessibility and usability of service. With this new wireless service you will be able to access University public web resources and the Internet. This service supports personal wireless devices for Students, Faculty and Staff.  Please note: University provided devices are already automatically setup for Wireless and no action is needed. 

The UW-WIRELESS network: 

¨ Replaces the UW-STUDENT and UW-RESEARCH networks

¨ Has 8 times more capacity (note: more capacity means more users can use the network at the same time; individual users are not expected to notice any download or browsing 'speed' increases)

¨ Offers higher availability through increased coverage

¨ Can be used for student, staff, and faculty personal wireless devices

¨ Offers a secure connection 

 How to access the new UW-WIRELESS service for your personal device:

*Click Here For The Wireless Disclaimer*

While the configuration of wireless devices can vary greatly between brand-name and type, (eg: PC, Mac, iPad, Blackberry, or Android), there are a few basics to start you on your way to wireless freedom:

· A) Obtain your UW-WIRELESS encryption key from WebAdvisor: Faculty / Students via WebAdvisor under My User Account; Staff email ( or call the Help Desk (786-9149)

NOTE:  Internet public terminals are available on site at the University at Uplink and the Library. 

NOTE:  The encryption key will be reset once annually.  Please check here for yearly updates. 

· B) Enable Wireless on your device: Follow your device manufacture’s instructions to start the wireless setup process.  Most devices will have some type of ‘wizard’ that prompts you step-by-step, or you’ll get a pop-up or notification stating that a new wireless network is available.

· C) Select SSID = UW-WIRELESS: One of the first questions a ‘wizard’ will ask is ‘what is the name of the network you’re connecting to?’  Choose SSID “UW-WIRELESS”.  The same choice applies if your device only gives you a selection of ‘available networks’.

· D) Enter WPA / WPA2 Encryption Key: To support the security features on our network, your device will next ask you to enter a WPA / WPA2 Encryption Key or password. Type in the Encryption Key (as retrieved in step A above) and save it.  You will only have to do this once unless you change or delete your settings, or setup a new device.

Congratulations!  You should now be connected to the new UW-WIRELESS network and have access to the Internet.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1) Where can I access the wireless service? 

Everywhere on campus, including the main campus buildings, AnX, Asper Centre for Theatre & Film, Buhler Centre, Duckworth Centre, Helen Betty Osborne Building, McFeetors Hall: Great-West Life Student Residence, Menno Simons, Rice, Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex and UWSA Daycare Centre. 

2) What difference will I notice now compared to the old wireless network? 

You will be able to log on to the new wireless service even during peak periods on campus. We have added the ability for more users to access the network during any given period of time.  (Meaning you'll be able to access the network when you want to!) In the past few years demand has grown steadily as more and more people carry 2 or 3 or even more wireless devices with them. We listened and developed a better system.  

3) Is there a cost for this service? 

No. This is covered within your existing student fees. 

4) Can I use this wireless network to print to campus networked printers? 


5) Does this mean I can surf and download as much as I want? 

UWinnipeg stresses sustainable practices. Like everything else, the more wireless capacity you use, the less there is available to others. Eventually our bandwidth runs out and it is costly in both economic and environmental terms to continue upgrading and adding capacity to this resource. Please use only what you need. 

To help ensure the UWinnipeg Internet connection is made available for everyone, strong policies have been implemented which limits or hinders applications that consume high levels of bandwidth.  This includes (but is not limited to) P2P programs, Torrent downloads and others. 

Tips for conserving our wireless resource: 

Do you know?

5) If I do not have a wireless login account how do I access UW-WIRELESS? 

Contact Conference and Events Services at: 953-3879 OR 

6) How do people who are on campus attending a conference get wireless service?  

Contact Conference and Events Services at: 953-3879 OR 

7) How do other visitors or invited guests on campus get wireless service? 

Contact Conference and Events Services at: 953-3879 OR 

8) What happens to the old UW-STUDENT and UW-RESEARCH networks? 

For a few months both the new and old networks will co-exist to allow for a smooth transition.  Effective Wednesday, August 1, 2012, the old networks will be decommissioned. 

9) Who can I contact if I need help or have other questions about this? 

The Technology Service Desk at:


Phone:  204.786.9149


*Wireless Disclaimer*

Please note: Due to the complexities and possible combinations of installed software, apps, operating systems and hardware revisions, the University of Winnipeg and the Technical Solution Centre cannot be held accountable for, or guarantee that every personal wireless-capable device will be compatible with, or be able to successfully connect to, or utilize any wireless network provided on campus (including but not limited to the UW-Wireless network).

Any help/guidance pertaining to connecting to the UW-Wireless network is provided in good faith and on a best effort basis only.  We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the vast majority of potential wireless users will be able to connect to, and use the network as designed without issue.