Adventures in Special Effects

At all times, the cinema has been pleased to create imaginary and dreamlike worlds populated by fabulous or monstrous creatures, time or space travel and characters with inhuman powers. But how do you go about filming what you cannot see in the real world? You can discover how!

Get to know the world of special effects. Through 4 weeks of playful and creative workshops, discover why cinema has been and always will be “magical”. Techniques like appearance, disappearance, duplication of characters, gigantic and tiny creatures may be covered throughout the the program. 

When: Wednesdays, March 2-23 2022
Where: Wii Chiiwaakanak Learning Centre
Hosted by: FreezeFrame Manitoba

This program is at capacity! Please check back in the future for more digital programming!

We hope you can join us for this great opportunity!

Please contact Julie at 204-789-4231 or with any questions or comments