2020-21 Course Offerings

Women's & Gender Studies

WGS & DIS Courses - Fall, FW, and Winter 2020

This list is tentative and subject to change. Please check WebAdvisor for the latest edits.


Fall/Winter 2020-21

WGS-1232-002: Introduction to WGS (S. Ruprai) [6 credits]

WGS-1231-003: Introduction to WGS (Instructor TBA) [6 credits]

WGS-1232-050: Introduction to WGS (Instructor TBA) [6 credits]

WGS-3001-001: Indigenous and Critical Race Feminisms (S. Ruprai) [6 credits]

WGS-4401-002: Writing a Feminist Guide to University (P. Greenhill) [3 credits, expanded]


Fall 2020

WGS-1232-001: Introduction to WGS (F. Green) [6 credits, condensed]

WGS-2258-001: Boys, Men, Masculinities, and Film (Instructor TBA) [3 credits]

WGS-2264/DIS-2200-001: Disabilities, Sexualities, Rights (M. Owen) [3 credits]

WGS/ENV/GEOG-2416-001: Sex, Gender, Space, and Place (M. Wheeler) [3 credits]

WGS-3003-050: Sex, Sexuality, and Science (Instructor TBA) [3 credits]

WGS/UIC-3020-001: Women & Inner-City (Instructor TBA) [3 credits]

WGS-3200-001: Feminist Research Methods (P. Greenhill) [6 credits, condensed]

WGS/POL/BUS-3321-001: Gender & Organizations (Instructor TBA) [3 credits]

WGS-3501/WGS-4401-050: Special/Advanced Topics – Feminist Parenting (F. Green) [3 credits]

WGS-3501-002: Special Topics – We Can Grow What We Need (R. Crowe w/ L. Fontaine) [3 credits]


Winter 2021

WGS-2251-001: Gender, Race, and Nation (A. Failler) [3 credits]

WGS-2260-001: Girls, Women, and Popular Culture (Instructor TBA) [3 credits]

WGS-2264/DIS-2200-002: Disabilities, Sexualities, Rights (Instructor TBA) [3 credits]

WGS-2270-050: Food Cultures, Sex, and Gender (O. Campbell) [3 credits]

WGS-3004-001: Women, Health and Environment (R. Crowe) [3 credits]

WGS/DIS-3006-001: Embodied Subjects (M. Owen) [3 credits]

WGS-3501-050: Special Topics – Trans Culture (L. Rae) [3 credits]

WGS-4401/GENG-7901-001: Advanced Topics – Feminism and Public Memory (A. Failler) [3 credits]