Student Testimonials

Women's & Gender Studies

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The Fabulous WGS and DIS faculty!

Testimonials about the Women's & Gender Studies Department:

"The Women's and Gender Studies department has driven my scholarly pursuits in the past three years and has also enabled me to flourish as an activist and artist.  WGS creates room for creativity and various modes of learning and expression.  It is common to see professors utilizing a feminist pedagogy that considers power relations in the classroom and seeks to destabilize traditional norms of education.  Critical class discussion and reflection are prioritized and I do not often experience this elsewhere.  Feminist Cultural Productions allowed me to discover the importance of art within social justice movements.  The fourth year Practicum was a flexible and valuable experience where students chose a feminist organization to put their politics into action.  I was privileged to work with Mentoring Artists for Women's Art (, an exceptional artist-run not-for-profit organization in downtown Winnipeg.  WGS has created many employment, academic, and community opportunities for me and I thank all the fine professors in this department for their teaching, mentorship, and support." -- Christina Hajjar

Testimonials about Dr. Pauline Greenhill:

"So organised and methodical; always available to meet; responds to e mails promptly; is willing to give additional assistance if necessary.  Lectures were entertaining and material was relevant."

"Pauline is a great prof. who clearly cares about her students’ academic success.  Knowledgeable, kind, and entertaining."

"She dresses like a witch and I think that’s good."

"Really, really smart.  Helpful.  Available.  Wonderful attitude.  Nice shoes.  Great sense of humour.  Approachable."

"Available to help and support, very knowledgeable and awesome."

"Very kind, helpful, funny, smart."

"Dr. Greenhill provides clear instruction and is dedicated to having students learning as much as possible.  She is very knowledgeable and presents material in effective ways.  Her humour and disposition make her approachable while the course assignments keep students engaged and challenged!"

Testimonials for the courses Dr. Greenhill is teaching in 2016-17:

WGS 3200/6 Seminar in Feminist Research Methodologies

"Your research experience and general wisdom make you excellent to instruct this course!"

"Challenging and engaging.  She gave a lot of details about what she is expecting from the students."

"The grading was fair, the teaching was marvelous, and the cat photos were rad.  Woot!"

"Dr. Greenhill’s lectures were engaging and she was very helpful with the entire process of putting our proposals together.  I really enjoyed her class."

"Helpful and timely feedback on assignments."

WGS 4232/3  Practical Feminisms:  Navigating Feminist and Non-Feminist Institutional Ecologies

"The course’s strength lies in its design to put students outside their comfort zones by participating in academic and bureaucratic processes such as seminar presentations and conference proposals.  The breakdown of grading was also helpful; there were regular assignments throughout as opposed to a large project worth half the grade at the end."

"I cannot recommend taking the Practical Feminisms course enough! Whether you are interested in pursuing graduate studies or starting/advancing your career, this course offers tons of practical tools that will surely assist you in your chosen path. From preparing resumes, CVs and dossiers to crafting your own guide for graduate school resources, you will leave this course feeling more prepared and confident to navigate your future with knowledgeable and insightful feminist perspectives."

WGS-1232/6 Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies with Dr. Sharanpal Ruprai, Fall/Winter 2015-16

"Introduction to Women and Gender Studies with Dr. Sharanpal Ruprai both challenges and empowers one if you allow it to!  The course material covered is applicable to any chosen career.  It is 'interactive and hands on' learning which, once experienced, carries forward and impacts your family, friends and workplaces.  Introduction to Women and Gender Studies is a dynamic challenging course that should be mandatory curriculum in Grades 10 to 12.  Its impact is thought provoking, powerful and action oriented.  Knowing and acting on course content may make waves but it definitely makes for a better society." -- M. Johnson

WGS-2262/3 Sex, Sexuality, Gender, and Audiovisual Media with Prof. Shawna Dempsey, Winter 2016

"I really enjoyed your class, you created an excellent environment for all of us to learn and share our ideas.  It really was the highlight of my week this semester."

"I was amazed how much I learned through discussion, despite the fact that I am not two-spirited, transgender, etc.  I wanted to thank you again for the awesome course.  I can't express how important your class has been to me. :)"

Testimonials about the Disability Studies Program:

"As a student of the interdisciplinary Disability Studies program, I feel that having courses cross-listed with Women and Gender Studies is fundamental to my learning experience.  Because intersectional and deconstructive frameworks are employed in both disciplines, I feel that these programs share similar perspectives on inclusion, human rights and equity.  Not only is the content covered in these classes thought-provoking, the inclusive format of classes are designed to be engaging and accommodating, and the professors are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive.  Most of all, my studies have provided me with the tools to engage my sociological imagination and challenge oppressive concepts such as heteronormativity and ableism."  -- Evan Wicklund

DIS-2100/3 Theorizing Disability with Dr. Nadine LeGier, Winter 2016

"When I began taking this course, I thought I would be learning how to assist someone with a disability.   I was unaware that I would be learning theory instead. I am glad that I chose to take this class because it has changed my perspective on disability.  Throughout this course, I have learnt many interesting things and they will remain with me.  After joining University of Winnipeg, one of the best decisions I have made is to take Disability Studies.  In this field I have taken Theorizing Disability which has given me the knowledge about totally new aspects of disability i.e. Social model of disability.  In the second half of this course, we have discussed various topics but mainly body and media representation of body images are what I considered very important learning for me.  One of the most important ideas that I learned in the latter part of Theorizing Disability is that knowledge has the ability to create change.  We as a society have the power and ability to create and promote positive change.  To fully be able to accomplish this we need to educate ourselves and dissect the current social truths that exist.  I have learnt many things in this class that I did not know beforehand. A lot of the information that I know now will aid me in my career.  I really loved the fact that in this class I was able to communicate my opinions and ideas with my fellow classmates and hear theirs as well.  The books that were mandatory for this class were excellent and provided me with information that I can use to educate myself and others.  This class has allowed me to really consider the changes I want to help implement into society.  I have come to really appreciate disability policy and never thought I would be interested in a career related to policy.  I felt extremely inspired by my professor and guest speakers.  At first, I was not sure if I would be interested in this course, but was I ever.  The experience was excellent and I definitely would recommend that others take this class.  I personally believe that, like Indigenous Studies, Disability Studies classes should be mandatory.  The learning experience acquired will be something not forgotten.  After leaving this class, you are filled with an energy to make change.  I want to see a cultural representation of people with disabilities that we can be proud of.  I hope to implement everything I have learnt to make a difference in society."