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Maren Tait

Maren Tait Title: YU@W Participant


Maren Tait, age 20, major in Human Rights, minor in Urban and Inner City Studies, graduating 2019

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about issues of poverty and homelessness. When I moved to Winnipeg from a small rural town, I became increasingly aware of the issues which impact those living in Winnipeg’s core. I am excited about this opportunity to work with people in the core at a grassroots level, as I am ready to apply theory to practice. I am committed to Winnipeg and am hopeful an opportunity such as this program can open doors for a possible future career in the city. I am looking forward to learning from those I am working with, and learning about how to empower and become an advocate for those in need. I believe working in the inner-city will help me gain more perspective about issues facing those in Winnipeg’s urban environment, and deepen my understanding of these issues. Reconciliation in our city is integral to creating more positive and empathetic relationships, and I look forward to being actively involved in the reconciliation process.