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Marc Kuegle

Marc Kuegle Title: YU@W Participant


Marc Kuegle,  27 years old, studying Geography in the integrated education program, graduating in 2020

I saw the posting on a bulletin board at the University and it really caught my eye.  I live outside of the city but both my parents work in the inner city so I basically grew up there in the summers.  I love the area and it has so much to offer.  I thought it would be great if I could help out and give back to the community.

I’m hoping to learn from all the people I will be interacting with this summer.  I’m also hoping to help others learn and grow.

I am studying at the U of W but I also do freelance art.  I do photography and graphic design and often fuse them together.  I’m hoping I can pass along some knowledge this summer to whom ever I will be working with. 

Reconciliation is a necessary step we need to take to help recover from the past.  My grandma was in a residential school when she was young; the reconciliation process has affected myself in a positive way already.  I wouldn’t be back at school if it hadn’t.  They offered my grandma compensation but in the form of a next of kin’s tuition for secondary studies.   It was only for the first year but it has gotten the ball rolling and now I’m in my fourth year finishing up my bachelor of arts and soon to be my education degree.

I feel we are well on our way to reconciliation but we still have a ways to go.