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Lara Hunter

Lara Hunter Title: YU@W Participant


Lara Hunter, 25 years old, Urban and Inner City Studies, graduating in June 2019

I wanted to participate in this program because it combines work and classroom experiences which will help me gain a more robust understanding of how to fix issues facing the inner-city, and then put that understanding to the test in the workplace. I am looking forward to going to different classroom locations that will give me a chance to explore Winnipeg and gain new perspectives. 

I hope to gain knowledge and strategies of community practices for citizen mobilization, engagement, and empowerment and then apply this to my workplace each week. I also want to gain more of a network within the inner-city that will help me with my future dreams of working in community development.

I am looking forward to learning what reconciliation means to other people and how to create a better community for everyone. I think an important aspect of reconciliation is learning and understanding multiple perspectives.