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Irlanda Gomez

Irlanda Gomez Title: YU@W Participant


Irlanda Gomez, age 23, Honours Psychology and Developmental Studies, graduating June 2018

Although I’ve learnt lots during my university career, I believe there is nothing like hands-on experience. It is one thing learning about the issues many face in the City of Winnipeg, but is completely different to go out there and interact with real people, with real struggles, and support them and our communities, and work together to improve lives individually and the social well-being of neighborhoods.

I am hoping to become more culturally sensitive to the traditions and worldviews of First Nation communities, as well as other cultural groups. I am excited to learn from and connect with my classmates and the people in the community I will be working with.

I am a new Canadian from Venezuela seven years ago. Arriving in Canada, I was surprised to encounter that, as an immigrant, I did not face racism and discrimination, but the First members of this country did. I am committed to fight discrimination so that no group has to suffer the diverse consequences of racism.