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Gregory McIvor

Gregory McIvor Title: YU@W Participant


Gregory McIvor, 35 years old, Urban and Inner City Studies, graduating 2020

I wish to instill possibilities for people to improve competency within themselves and to nurture well-being. I have obtained my community development diploma in college and I now look to develop new ideas with people that share the same ambition and resolve to help people within the inner-city; including rural and urban areas. I have been very intrigued and excited to learn what I can do because I feel it is important to build a world that fosters eco-energy and new forms of eco-technology. So, I am very intrigued that I was able to be a part of the YouthUnited spring/summer program. I am sure that there will be many great ideas and interesting people to learn from and share with. I look forward to applying my ability and skills. One day, I want the work I do to speak for itself. I feel it is important to give back and foster possibilities that are relevant, dynamic, and simple.