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Chesney Spence

Chesney Spence Title: YU@W Participant


Chesney Spence, 20 years old, Criminal Justice, graduating 2019

I have always been concerned with the minority population of Winnipeg, specifically the inner-city and Aboriginal population because of the oppression and every day struggles these groups face. As a young Aboriginal woman myself, I wish to provide guidance and assurance back to the community. I believe that by working with YouthUnited@Winnipeg I can develop a deeper understanding of how the inner-city works from a first-hand experience instead of learning about the struggles just through my criminal justice courses. I want to know what the people have to actually live through each day in Winnipeg. Additionally, I want to see where there is positivity I know exists in this city, because unfortunately we do not learn enough about the growth and change of Winnipeg in educational classes. With new-found relationships and understanding, reconciliation can begin. It all starts with building upon and reconstructing what foundations already exist so that we can create a better atmosphere for Winnipeg and hope for the inner-city.