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Brianna Brooks

Brianna Brooks Title: YU@W Participant


Brianna Brooks. 20 years old pursuing a double major in Human Rights and Women and Gender Studies, graduating in 2020.

I wanted to participate in this exceptional program due to my passion for women’s rights and my recognition of the human rights violations caused by systemic racism and colonialism against Indigenous women and marginalized groups. Upholding the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions calls to action requires the participation of everyone in society, and as a member of society it is my desire and responsibility to be a part of the reconciliation process and relationship building processes with Indigenous groups in Canada.

I am hoping to take away from this experience a stronger sense of recognition of my own privilege and my responsibility as a continuing benefiter of modern day colonialism to marginalized groups and Indigenous women to work together to obtain reconciliation and conversation. I am hoping to learn more about the struggles Indigenous women face in Canada due to exploitation and objectification, as well as become educated on a collectivist culture that has prospered despite the overwhelmingly individualistic society Canada is today. I am also hoping to learn how to find my place in fighting against these human rights violations without taking up too much space on a situation that is not my own; learning how to be an ally, provide support, and uphold the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions calls to action is the most important thing to me.

Coming from an intersectional feminist background, I believe that reconciliation between female groups is an extremely unique thing. I believe reconciliation is naturally a timely process, but the unique relationship female groups tend to have with each other, in my opinion, can provide a remarkable opportunity for dialogue, empathy, and compassion.