Courses with Space Available

Urban and Inner City Studies

UIC courses have spaces available including:

Fall 2018 or Winter 2019

UIC-1001 (3) Introduction to Urban and Inner-City Studies (3 hrs Lecture)

The course provides an overview of the dynamics that drive a city's growth and that produce change over time. It considers the social impact of urban change, with particular emphasis on the interconnectedness of the different parts of the city and on the impact of urban change on the inner city. It examines how these changes shape city politics, looking at the political interests and problems associated with the commercial core, older residential neighborhoods near the centre, and burgeoning suburban and exurban areas. It also examines how the three levels of government are involved in shaping and responding to these changes.

UIC-2010 (3) Metis Identity, Culture and Rights (3 hrs Lecture)

This course provides an overview of Métis culture, history and governance, explores current issues faced by the Métis. Significant court cases such as the historic Manitoba Métis Federation Land Claims case, and the Powley, Goodon and Daniels cases are examined. Federal and provincial issues such as jurisdiction, and finding inequalities are also considered. The aim is to provide students with a better understanding of the Métis Nation and specifically the Manitoba Métis community. Restriction: Students who have credit for UIC-3100, Issues in Urban and Inner-City Studies, when the topic was Métis Identity, Culture and Rights cannot take this course for credit.This course fulfills the Indigenous Course Requirement.

Fall 2018

UIC-3240 (3) Poverty and the Law (3 hrs Lecture)

This course focuses on poverty law as it affects the individual and the community. It offers the student insight into the legal and administrative regimes governing the lives of persons of low or modest income. From the theoretical and practical perspective, it explains how certain laws may act as barriers to the full participation of disadvantaged persons in a free and democratic society. Finally, the
course examines how the law can be used to advance the interests of persons of low and modest incomes.


UIC-3210 (3) Community Organizing (3 hrs Seminar/Discussion)

This course examines a range of
strategies for promoting change in urban settings. Students study theories and historical examples of various kinds of community organizing. Local, national and international cases are examined. Examples may include, but are not limited to: neighbourhood-level organizing; feminist approaches to organizing; forms of civil disobedience; lobbying; use of the media in community organizing. Students work in groups to design specific community organizing strategies. Cross-listed: IDS-3210(3). Restrictions: Students may not hold credit for this course and IDS-3210. Requisite Courses: UIC-2001, or UIC-2210, or IDS-2110 [prerequisite(s)].


2018 FW

UIC-3001 (6) Urban and Inner City Practicum (3 hrs Lecture)

This course provides students with an experiential learning opportunity at an inner-city organization. Students spend three hours per week with the organization, observing what takes place, meeting and working with inner-city people and organizations, and taking on work assignments under the direction of the organization's staff and with the support of the course instructor. Course assignments may include, among others, interpretive journals and/or projects prepared for the organization. Requisite Courses: UIC-1001 and one other Core Course in Urban and Inner-City Studies [prerequisite(s)].


Winter 2019

UIC-1012 (3) Dynamics of the Inner City (3 hrs Seminar/Discussion)

This course exposes students to inner-city life, experienced through field trips to meet with formal and informal community leaders and community-based organizations. Students benefit from presentations by those whose calling and work focuses on critical inner-city issues. We observe changes arising from resiliency, activism, multiculturalism, and the blending of social justice and traditional Indigenous values. Students explore the inner-city life of Indigenous peoples and newly-arrived Canadians. Classes emphasize discussion and "inner-city stories".

UIC-3050 (3) Immigration and the Inner City (3 hrs Lecture)

This course explores both long-standing and recent questions about immigration and the inner city. Topics include the impact on contemporary inner-city communities of immigration; globalization; international and transnational social and economic developments; and civil wars, internal wars, and violent conflicts. Students' inquiry into the relationship between immigration and the inner city involves an exploration of both early and contemporary
discourse on the subject.