Marty Donkervoort

Urban and Inner-City Studies

Marty Donkervoort Title: Social Entrepreneur and Associate – Reconnaissance Management Consulting Group Inc.
Phone: 204.988.7196 (messages)

Biography: Expertise: MBA (York), BScF (U of T) CSC (CSI) and Certificate in Participative Management (U of M).

Marty brings thirty years of experience working in the social economy. He has founded several social enterprises including Inner City Renovation in the North End of Winnipeg and assisted numerous co-ops and social enterprises across Canada. He has published a number of articles on social enterprise and worker cooperatives. Marty's book, Inner City Renovation: How a Social Enterprise Changes Lives and Communities (Fernwood) was published in 2013. In 2015, while attending a conference in Mumbai, India, Marty was recognized as one of the most talented social innovators by the World Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Congress.

Instructor: UIC 3100(3) - Issues in UIC: Social Enterprise and the Inner City and UIC 2030(3) - Management and Financial Admin for Community Leadership.