President's Message

The University of Winnipeg Club

The University of Winnipeg Club was founded in 1975, and its name is no accident. Intent on fostering a sense of campus community, its founders ensured that all University employees would be eligible for membership. So it remains today, a fee-paying Private Club but with both Regular and Associate Membership open to all employees. In 2011 we extended eligibility for Associate Membership to the Alumni, University Retirees, Seniors enrolled in the 55+ Program, and employees of the University of Manitoba, Red River College, and the nearby CBC. Our total membership is in excess of 400, and continues to grow.

One of the principal assets of our Club is its capacity to offer various kinds of space for private gatherings – from business meetings, luncheons and special dinners, to artistic exhibitions, faculty symposia, and private family events. The facilities described below can be reserved, rent-free, by any Regular or Associate Member.

Other benefits of Club membership include access to a Luncheon Menu that features unrivaled prices on sandwiches, soups, salads and a weekly special. The premises are brightened by various works of Art drawn from the Club’s own collection as well as that of the University. Books by campus authors are displayed in our permanent collection, and periodically we exhibit works by campus artists. Apart from meetings and gatherings of more serious natures, the Club also sponsors a series of parties throughout the academic year – none more popular than the Tropical Party in February!

For nearly four decades the Club has been at the heart of our campus life, contributing in a variety of ways to the local sense of community. In that same spirit, it also makes an annual contribution to the Scholarship program, the campus campaign of the United Way, and to the UWSA Food Bank. For all of these reasons, we encourage anyone who is eligible for membership to take the next step. All the information you are likely to need can be found under “Membership.” Should you want more, please contact our caterer, Tracey Hilderman at or me:

Hope to see you at the Club!

Robert J. Young
Club President