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Reseach Associate

Adam Smith Adam Smith

Research Project 

I am completing my MA in philosophy of religion in the School of Religious Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. My research is focused on the questions of immanence, interiority, and life, particularly as they are found in the work of the French philosopher Michel Henry (1922-2002). 

In expositing Henry’s complex treatment of immanence and situating it in its broader context, I am accompanying this with research into the traditions of: (1) French spiritualism and its accounts of the mind, especially the work of Condillac and Maine de Biran; (2) theological and mystical understandings of the soul, notably in Meister Eckhart; (3) German idealism and its fertilizations of French thought, chiefly from Kant and Fichte; and (4) phenomenological accounts of the lived body, specifically in Husserl and Merleau-Ponty. In so doing, I hope be able to comprehend Henry’s relationship to those traditions, and thereby the purposes - philosophical, political and theological - of his account of life.

More broadly, using Henry, I hope to demonstrate how philosophical accounts of life necessarily subtend and otherwise determine the political, economic and racial conditions of how life is lived.