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Research Chair

Arthur Walker-JonesArthur Walker -Jones

The United Church of Canada Research Chair in Contemporary Theology was established to honor the historic contributions of the United Church of Canada to the University of Winnipeg. It is funded by endowments created within the Faculty of Theology, which existed from the founding of the University until 2013. The chair seeks to foster theological research and reflection in keeping with the traditions of the United Church, especially theological reflection that is contextual and engages issues of interfaith dialogue, and social and ecological justice.

The current chair, Arthur Walker-Jones, specializes in ecotheological interpretation of the Bible. He is the author of The Green Psalter: Resources for an Ecological Spirituality, and Hebrew for Biblical Interpretation, as well as a numerous scholarly articles and conference presentations. He is currently involved in the Human Distinctiveness Project, which trained theologians in evolutionary anthropology for research at the interface of anthropology and theology on the evolution of wisdom, and is writing a commentary on Book Two of the Psalms for the Earth Bible Commentary. He is co-chair of the Roman Catholic United Church Dialogue on Climate Change, has been involved in a number of environmental campaigns, organized conferences on climate change, and led church studies and retreats on ecotheology.