The United Centre for Theological Studies

Application Forms:

Application to The United Centre for Theological Studies Degree Programs [PDF]

*Note: All first time students applying to The United Centre for Theological Studies as Occasional, Special or SPE status must complete this form. 

Application to the Master of Arts (Theology) (MA(T)) Program [PDF]

Registration Form: 

Degree Level Registration [PDF]

Miscellaneous Application Forms: 

Directed Study [PDF]
Directed Project
Continuance  [PDF]
Bursary Application
Course Challenge
Prior Learning
 Assessment [PDF]
SPE Application for Interview [PDF]
Request for Graduation Audit [PDF]
Application for Graduation
Graduate in Absentia form [PDF] 

Miscellaneous Forms:
New Applicant Special Status Permission form [PDF]
Permission form
(course requiring permission from instructor, late registration, special status student, auditing a course, exceeding max credits (18) as a special or occasional student, Thesis Extension)
Withdrawal and/or Course Change form
Transcript Request form [PDF]
Personal Information Update form 
Confirmation of Enrollment or other Certified Document [PDF]
Letter of Permission
 Request form [PDF]  (to take a course through a non Cooperative Institute)
Course Evaluation forms CinT [PDF] /Degree Level [PDF]