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23-24 courses to consider

As you put together your schedule – whether it’s been in place for weeks or you’re just starting to check out the timetable – remember there are a lot of THFM classes to choose from, and we still have some space in a few courses you might want to consider!

We have some new courses, some re-vamped courses, some cross-listed courses (so you can count them as non-major credits) and some favourites that still have a spot or two left, including a some that don’t have pre-requisites or you can take at the same time as one of the Intro to Theatre classes.  (Those classes with no pre-requisite are marked with an asterisk*.)

Attached is some information on a few of the courses that still have space, as well as the list below. 

Some things to remember as you add courses to your plan:

  • Our department posts past Course Outlines on our website (click Student Resources at the left), so you can gather information about a course by looking at the syllabus from a previous year. (Remember though, that outlines change every year, particularly if it’s a different instructor.)  Outlines for the upcoming 2023/24 term will begin to be posted in mid-August.
  • Any Special Studies or Topics class requires permission; just contact the office and we’ll check if you qualify and usually can take care of the permission within a day or two.
  • If you don’t have a pre-requisite for a course, the system won’t allow you to register. If you have questions about pre-reqs for any course, please just ask!
  • Remember if you are registering for a course with a lab, you MUST have both in your plan, AND use the “Register Now” button at the top left of the Student Planning screen to register for them simultaneously; the system won’t allow you to register for them separately.
  • If the system isn’t letting you register and you don’t know why, check the very top of the Student Planning page by your name; there may be a note for you to update your Emergency Contact information, indication of a hold, or another detail you have to take care of before you can register. If you still can’t register, ask for help!
  • Finally, we’re here to help you. As the department Advisor I’m here specifically to help you find the answers you need, so please don’t hesitate to be in touch!

Here are some courses to consider to fill out your timetable (list available in PDF here):

THFM-2001-495 Special Studies:  Applied Theatre (Fall, 3 CH)  An exciting opportunity to take part in the Walls to Bridges program within an acting context.  Classes take place at Stony Mountain Institution in the Fall term.  More information on this separate attachment

*THFM-2011-001/MUS-2011-001 Ensemble Practicum Choral (FW, 3 CH) Cross-listed with MUS-2011 so you can count this singing course as non-Major credits!  There is no pre-requisite for this course. More information on this separate attachment

THFM-3101-001 Acting III: Advanced Practice, Process and Performance (FW, 6 CH) Formerly Acting III: General, this course has been renamed and revamped; see this separate attachment for more information on this course which focuses on taking your acting skills to the next level. 

THFM-2920-001 Intro to Dance for Musical Theatre (F, 3 CH) Pre-req is Intro to Theatre, though if you have extensive dance experience already, you may be able to have the pre-req waived.  Contact us for more info.  Students who complete this course can then take THFM-3924-001 in the Winter term.

THFM-2922-001 Intro to Music and Singing (F, 3 CH) Pre-req is Intro to Theatre, though if you have extensive singing experience already, you may be able to have the pre-req waived.  Contact us for more info.

*THFM-3401-001/HIST-3190-001 Theatre History III (F, 3 CH) This class has no pre-requisite (though as a 3000-level course it will be challenging); it satisfies the Dramatic Studies requirement for THFM Theatre majors; and you can take it as a History course to count as non-Major credits!

*THFM-3802/4802-001 (and lab) Stage Management Theory/Honours Stage Management Theory (F, 3 CH)  This class has no pre-requisite, though a basic knowledge of performance is useful; and the skills students learn in this course will be tremendously useful to all streams, from acting to production to filmmaking, and often students fine the organizational and interpersonal skills students pick up in this class help them throughout their life!

*THFM-2502-002 Voice and Speech Skills (FW, 6 CH)  This course, which has no pre-requisites, is for actors and non-actors alike, focusing on awareness, control and care of the voice.

THFM-2801-001/002 (and lab) Production I (FW, 6 CH)  This course can be taken concurrently with one of our Intro to Theatre classes, as Intro to Theatre is a pre-req OR a co-requisite.  It covers an introduction to lighting, sound and stagecraft (set building) and students get to work on our productions.  (The subjects can also be taken separately, as THFM-2803 Light & Sound in Production, and THFM-2807 Intro to Stagecraft, each available in the Fall and Winter terms.)  The skills learned are of use to Theatre and Filmmaking students alike.

*THFM-3502-050 Drama in Education (FW, 6 CH)  This course, which has no pre-requisite (though some theatre experience is helpful) is not just for future teachers, but for any theatre students who want to expand their skills and knowledge for bringing drama into other aspects of life.

*THFM-2505-001 Principles of Physical Training (W, 3 CH)  This course has no pre-requisites and introduces students to body mechanics, injury prevention and other principles that go beyond performance movement.

THFM-2602 Lighting Design (W, 3 CH)  A great opportunity for design, production and filmmaking students to expand their knowledge of lighting and lighting design in a very practical way.