WebFiles - Remote File Access

Tech Sector

WebFiles is a service that allows UWinnipeg faculty and staff to access your U of Winnipeg home directory (M Drive) and department files (O Drive) from any location. VPN is not required for WebFiles.


How do I access my files?

Open up a new Internet browser session and visit:

Once you have connected to the WebFiles site, you will be prompted with a sign-in window that will ask you for your User Name and Password. 

Enter your User Name and Password. This is the same User Name and password that you use to log in to your UWinnipeg computer, then click on “OK”.


How do I use WebFiles?

WebFiles operates just like a file system you would find on nearly any computer. There are many common file functions that are available near the top of the screen that will let you manage your files.

Simply click on the folder on the left side that you would like to access, then:

  • Click on the file you would like to use
  • Select “Download” to save the file to your computer
  • Read or update it as you would any file
  • If you have edited a file, click on the “Upload” icon to have a pop-up window appear
  • Click on “Browse” and select the new file from your computer
  • Then click on “Upload” and replace the old version with your updated one. The word “Updated” should appear beside the file in your folder.

Please Note – Do not use the menu options for your browser. Those browser menu options cannot control any of your UW files.