Health Insurance

Information for All Students

Student at Klinic

Depending on your student type and the length of your studies at The University of Winnipeg, you will be covered by different health insurance plans.

Basic Coverage includes doctor's visits, hospitalization, medication at the hospital, X-rays, lab test, surgery and diagnostic tests. See below for important changes to basic coverage *

UWSA Extended Coverage includes prescription drugs, vision, dental professional services, massage, physiotherapy, repatriation. * Basic and Extended Coverage includes prescription drugs, immunization, eye exams, emergency dental, emergency transportation, repatriation, accidental death and dismemberment. *

*Disclaimer: This coverage is subject to change without notice. Please contact the relevant department to know more about the full listing of benefits.


Are you...?

You are enrolled in - Manitoba Blue Cross (Basic Coverage) + UWSA Greenshield Coverage (Extended Coverage). Please note that Manitoba Blue Cross and Greenshield coverage are mandatory for all international University of Winnipeg students. Students will not be able to opt out.

Are you...?

  • Undergraduate/Graduate student
  • Full time/Part time
  • Studying for less than 6 months

You are enrolled in - (Basic and extended) Health Insurance.
 Please note that coverage is mandatory for all short term students studying at the University of Winnipeg. Students will not be able to opt-out.


Are you...?

  • ELP student 
  • P.A.C.E student
  • UW Collegiate student

You are enrolled in (Basic and extended) Health Insurance.



Where do I go to obtain my coverage?

 Manitoba Blue Cross - International, Immigrant and Refugee Student Services
                           T: 204.789.1458
                           E:                           W:

UWSA Greenshield - Bulman Students’ Centre, Room 0R04                         
                           T: 204.786.9992
                          W: - International, Immigrant and Refugee Student Services (Undergraduate Students) or the relevant department at UofW (Grad Studies, ELP, PACE or Collegiate office)
                          T: 204.786.9469

How much do I have to pay?

UWSA Greenshield - Please refer to - $1.65 per day

Manitoba Blue Cross - Single: $849, Dependent (couple or one child): $2085, Family (3 members total or more): $3957. NOTE: This fee is charged once per academic year, starting in September 2019. Students starting their studies in the Winter or Spring term will pay a pro-rated amount and will not be charged for the previous term(s)

If you have any questions regarding your coverage, please contact International, Immigrant and Refugee Student Services at or call 204.786.9469 .

For information regarding on-campus medical and health services, please visit the website of Klinic Student Health Services