Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Student Wellness

Disclosing versus Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Disclosing sexual misconduct is when you share your experience with anyone you are comfortable with. This may include: a friend, family member, coworker, University staff or faculty, a religious leader, among many others. You may also disclose to UW's Sexual Misconduct Response Team (SMRT) »

Reporting sexual misconduct includes an official incident report and more formal processes including an investigation, made to law enforcement or the Office of Human Rights and Diversity.

It is important to note that even if you choose not to report, you are still able to reach out for support through University and Community resources.

Options for Reporting

UW Sexual Misconduct Response Team (SMRT) »Call 1-204-230-6660

UW Security Services »>available 24/7 Call 1-204-786-6666

Klinic Sexual Assault Crisis Program » available 24/7 Call 1-204-786-8631

UW Human Rights and Diversity Officer » available during business hours Call 1-204-988-7508

Winnipeg Police Services » available 24/7 Call 24/7 for Emergencies: 9-1-1 Non-emergencies: 1-204-986-6222 Sex Crimes Unit: 1-204-986-6245