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End of Winter Term/Start of Spring Term 2019


How do I find out my grade(s) for my Fall/Winter and Winter Term course(s)?

Official grades are posted to WebAdvisor under the Transcript link. Choose UGEN UW General ASEB on the drop-down menu. Some professors post unofficial/tentative grades on Nexus or by their office. This decision is at the professor’s discretion.

Final grades will be posted on WebAdvisor approximately the week of May 16, 2019.


How do I get a tax receipt for my tuition?

T2202A tuition tax forms are available on WebAdvisor. Click on “View My T2202A Information” and then select the tax year.


I’m waitlisted for a Spring Term course. How do I know whether I got into the course?

When a spot becomes available in a course, the first person on the waitlist is sent an email to their UWinnipeg Webmail account notifying them that they have 72 hours to claim the reserved seat by registering in the course.

If you have not received an email, attend the first class to see if the professor will allow you to register for the course. If so, the professor will give you a paper permission form to bring to Student Central during the Add/Drop Period for the course to be registered.


When are Spring Term tuition fees due?

Fees are due May 6, 2019, no matter the start date of the course from May-August. Save time and avoid line-ups by paying for all your Spring Term courses through your financial institution before May 1.  All you have to do is set up The University of Winnipeg as a bill payment using your student number as the account number. UWinnipeg does not charge any extra fees to pay this way and you will automatically be entered to win one of four Uwinnipeg prizes packages.


My course doesn’t begin until July. Are the fees still due on May 6?

Yes, all fees for any undergraduate-level course being offered at any time during the Spring Term from May to August are due May 6.

When will the summer timetable be posted online?

The University of Winnipeg has three terms: fall, winter and spring. Any courses offered during July and August can be found in the Spring Term timetable.


I need to withdraw money from my RESP. Can you sign my confirmation of enrolment form? Can you write an enrolment letter for me?

Requests for certified letters and completion of enrolment forms can be submitted to Student Central. Letters and forms are $10 each. Please complete the order form found here or at Student Central.


When is the last day to drop a Spring Term course?

Spring Term classes are scheduled at various times between May and August. Before the class starts, please consult the withdrawal schedules for each course in which you are registered. Spring Term classes fly by so it is important to note the dates early.

How many courses can I take during Spring Term?

Normally, three-credit-hour courses are scheduled for three hours per week over 12 weeks and six-credit-hour courses are three hours per week for 24 weeks. Spring Term courses, however, are often scheduled in a condensed manner. Regular-status students should not take more than the equivalent of 15 course hours per week. Students on probation status may only take the equivalent of 9 credit hours per week.


How much is the U-Pass for Spring Term?

The U-Pass is only available for Fall and Winter Terms. Students may buy and load a monthly, post-secondary bus pass onto their Peggo/U-Pass card for May, June, July and/or August. These can be purchased through the UWSA’s Info Booth.


Do I have to opt out of the UWSA’s health plan again in Spring Term?

If you have already opted out of the UWSA’s health plan once in 2018-19 academic year, you will not be charged for it again until your next academic year. (To opt out if you were charged for the health plan in Spring Term, see


I’ve completed all of my classes. How do I apply to graduate?

We are now accepting applications for October graduation. Click on “Student Planning / Registration” in WebAdvisor, go to the “Graduation” tab and follow the instructions. The deadline to apply for October graduation is August 1. Convocation information will be emailed out in late September.

When will the Fall/Winter Term timetable be posted? When can I register?

The timetable for the 2019-2020 Fall and Winter Terms will be posted in late April. Tiered registration dates and times will be emailed to UWinnipeg accounts by June 10. Tiered registration will be from June 18-July 19.

I’m done my (first) year of courses. How do I let the University know that I would like to come back in September? Do I need to fill out a form?

For current students to continue/return, simply register in courses on or after your assigned date and time. Only students who have not registered for four or more consecutive terms need to fill out an application for continuance form.