May 28-29, 1984 Colloquium Program

The Centre for Rupert's Land Studies

28-29 May 1984: Winnipeg, Manitoba: 3C00 Centennial Hall, HBCA Research Centre

Monday, May 28, 1984

8:00 am – Registration

9:00 am – Welcome address: Dr. Robin Farquhar, President, University of Winnipeg

9:15 am – Peter Bower, Provincial Archivist. “The Manitoba Archives.”

9:25 am – Shirlee Smith, Keeper, Hudson’s Bay Company Archives. “1975-1984: Changing Research Patterns.”

Chair      - Dr. T. Ball

9:40 am – J. E. Kennedy, University of Saskatchewan. “Early Astronomy in Western Canada – Brief Extracts from the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives.”

10:05 am – T. F. Ball, University of Winnipeg. “The H.B.C. Archives as a source of climatic information; a resource for other researchers.”

10:15 am – Coffee and Danish.

10:35 am – Marcia Faurer, University of Manitoba. “The use of ships’ logs as a source of environmental information.”

11:00 am – Anne Morton, Hudson’s Bay Company Archives. “Animal and Archives: Charles Elton and the Bureau of Animal Population.”

11:25 am – Greg Thomas, Parks Canada. “The value of the Archives as a source of Information for Parks Canada.”

11:50 am – Michael Payne, Ottawa, Ontario. “The use of the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives for the study of Social History – York Factory as a case study.”

12:00 noon – Lunch courtesy of the City of Winnipeg – Riddell Hall.

Chair – Jennifer Brown

1:15 pm – J. E. Foster, University of Alberta. “The origins of the Metis.”

1:50 pm – David Miller, D’Arcy McNickle Centre for the History of the American Indian, The Newberry Library, Chicago. “The changing basis of Montana Assiniboine identity: investigation of historic choices in social interaction.”

2:15 pm – Debra Moore, Hudson’s Bay Company Archives. “Hudson’s Bay Company Archives: Prints and Drawings and Section ‘E’.”

2:40 pm – Richard Slobodin, McMaster University. “An escaped slave among the Kutchin.”

3:05 pm – coffee

3:30 pm – Carol Judd, Ottawa, Ontario. “Researching the servant class of the Hudson’s Bay Company employees.”

3:55 pm – Frank Tough, York University. “Research on the fur trade economy in the Post 1870 period, an historical geography approach.”

4:20 pm – Debra Lindsay, University of Manitoba. “The intellectual climate of fur trade society manifest in their libraries.”

4:45 pm – Shepard Krech III, George Mason University. “Indian accounts books as a source for subartic Indian ethnohistory.”

7:30 pm – cocktails

8:00 pm – dinner, Riddell Hall

Tuesday, May 29, 1984

Chair – Dr. Gary Granzberg

9:00 am – Robert Jarvenpa and Hetty Jo Brumbach, State University of New York at Albany. “The role of the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives in ethnoarchaeological research: a view from the Upper Churchill River       District.”

9:25 am – Francois Trudel, Laval University. “The Inuit of Northern Quebec.”

9:50 am – H. Keith Ralston, University of British Columbia. “The Hudson’s Bay Company on Vancouver Island: Company diversification in the mid-19th century.”

10:15 am – coffee and Danish

10:40 am – Irene M. Spry, Ottawa, Ontario. “The Search for Palliser Material and Hudson’s Bay Company Archives Sources.”

11:05 am – Judith Beattie, Hudson’s Bay Company Archives. “Two neglected collections in the Archives: maps and rare books.”

11:30 am – A. A. den Otter, Memorial University of Newfoundland. “The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Transcontinental Railway, 1858-1885.”

11:55 am – lunch hosted by the Hudson’s Bay Company – Riddell Hall. Guest speaker His Excellency, the Governor General, Edward Schreyer

Chair – Dr. Jean Friesen

1:15 pm – John Selwood, University of Winnipeg. “The Hudson’s Bay Company, the The Transcontinental Railway and Settlement in Western Canada.”

1:40 pm – Alex Ross, Hudson’s Bay Company Archives. “An overview of the Twentieth Century records in the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives.”

2:05 pm – David G. Anderson, Luton College, England. “The development of settlement in the Sandwich Bay area of Southern Coastal Labrador: an analysis of the Cartwright Post records, 1886-1919.”

2:30 pm – Alan Cooke, Hochelaga Research Institute. “The Hudson’s Bay Company Archives as a source of support for Native rights and land claims.”

3:00 pm – coffee

3:20 pm – Open forum

Future of the Hudson’s Bay Company Record Society
Future of the Archives    
Needs of Researchers
HBC Archives Research Centre


His Excellency, The Governor General Edward Schreyer
Mr. George Whitman, Hudson’s Bay Company
His Worship, Mayor William Norrie
Hon. Eugene Kostyra, Minister of Cultural Affairs and Historical Resources
Dr. Robin Farquhar, President, University of Winnipeg
Dr. Ross McCormack, Vice President (Academic), University of Winnipeg