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RISE: Respect, Inclusion, Safety, Equity

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(Conducted in partnership with Manitoba Teachers’ Society and funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, with additional support from The Manitoba Teachers’ Society, The University of Winnipeg, the Legal Research Institute at the University of Manitoba, and Egale Canada Human Rights Trust.)

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The Every Teacher Project is a national study of Canadian educators’ perceptions and experiences of LGBTQ-inclusive education, designed to identify and make widely available the collective expertise of teachers and educational workers on inclusive education practices for sexual and gender minority students.

The Every Teacher Project attracted tremendous support from project partner The Manitoba Teachers’ Society and from every national, provincial and territorial teacher organization in the publicly funded school systems of Canada. With their help in recruiting, researchers completed the project with 3,400 survey participants and an additional 24 focus groups, far exceeding our initial goals and making this the largest study of its kind in the world to date.

Participants provided a wealth of insight into their experiences, including what kinds of policies and practices are already in place in Canadian schools; which kinds of inclusive practices work, and in what contexts, and which don’t; and what kinds of supports are in place for teachers and educational workers in doing this work. Among the main findings are the following:

  • The vast majority of teachers approve of LGBTQ-inclusive education
  • Teachers in Catholic schools are only slightly less likely to approve, but much less likely to practice, LGBTQ-inclusive education
  • Only 18% agreed that teachers should be able to opt out for religious reasons, and only 2% cited conflict with personal religious beliefs as holding them back
  • Among the main reasons given for not teaching in LGBTQ-inclusive ways were lack of leadership, training and resources
  • Two-thirds were aware of teachers being harassed for being LGBTQ
  • Almost all rated their school as safe but far fewer rated their school as safe for LGB or transgender students

Recommendations from the Every Teacher Project are being expanded into a knowledge mobilization toolkit funded by SSHRC and Canada’s national, provincial and territorial teacher organizations that will provide research rationale and resources to support efforts to enact change in the school system. See Every Teacher Project Toolkit.

Dr. Catherine Taylor is principal investigator of the Every Teacher Project with co-investigators Elizabeth Meyer, Tracey Peter, Janice Ristock, and Donn Short and research partner Manitoba Teachers’ Society.


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Also, you can view the report online at Manitoba Teachers’ Society here:

Or online at Egale Human Rights Trust here:

This report is available in French: Rapport final du projet Chaque prof sur l’éducation inclusive des personnes LGBTQ dans les écoles de la maternelle à la douzième année au Canada.

Suggested citation:

Taylor, C., Peter, T., Campbell, C., Meyer, E., Ristock, J., & Short, D. (2016). The every teacher project on LGBTQ-inclusive education in Canada’s K-12 schools. Final Report. Winnipeg, MB: The Manitoba Teachers’ Society.

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