Media Coverage (RISE Projects)

RISE: Respect, Inclusion, Safety, Equity

Rainbow Spectrum

Below are links to media coverage of the RISE research program:

The Uniter (19 January 2017)
“PROFILE - Dr. Catherine Taylor: Professor and director of academic programs and administration in the faculty of education, professor of rhetoric”

Climate Survey on Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia in Canadian Schools

Winnipeg Free Press (17 November 2010)
“Gay Straight Alliance making its mark”

The Georgia Straight (22 February 2011)
“Jane Bouey: Why human rights, safe schools, and Pink Shirt Day matter”

National Post (12 May 2011)
“Study finds startling new data on homophobia in Canadian classrooms”

Winnipeg Free Press (12 May 2011)
“Discrimination in the hallways: Slurs a daily school occurrence: report”

Toronto Sun (12 May 2011)
“Homophobia rampant in Canadian schools: Study”

National Post (17 October 2011)
“'This hurts too much,' gay teen says in last blog before suicide”

The Star (3 December 2011)
“Teens and suicide: Queer kids especially at danger in schools”

Sherwood Park News (28 September 2015)
“altView receives community grant”

The Every Teacher Project

CTV News (11 October 2012)
“Study to examine ways to make education more inclusive”

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society (15 January 2016)
“Final national report on LGBTQ education released”

The University of Winnipeg, News Centre (15 January 2016)
“National study on LGBTQ-inclusive education released”

CBC News (15 January 2016)
“Lack of resources hampering LGBTQ-inclusive education in classrooms, study finds”

CTV News (15 January 2016) “More can be done to include LGBTQ students, teachers in schools: study”

Winnipeg Free Press (15 January 2016)
“Study shows most teachers approve of LGBTQ-inclusive education”

Winnipeg Sun (15 January 2016)
“Teachers want to be LGBTQ inclusive”

MetroNews Canada (16 January 2016)
"Canada’s teachers think LGBTQ support in schools sorely lacking: Winnipeg study"

The Manitoban (20 January 2016)
"Every Teacher for Every Student: Teachers in favour of LGBTQ-inclusive education, national study finds”

Daily Xtra! (22 January 2016)
“BC lags in LGBT-inclusive education, new national study shows”

The Carillon (29 June 2016)
“Teachers’ society promotes inclusiveness to HSD”

Winnipeg Free Press (8 July 2016)
“Canadian schools ‘unsafe’ for LGBTQ students, U of W researcher says”

The Manitoban (26 October 2016)
“Every Teacher Project takes a closer look at LGBTQ inclusion among Canada’s educators: U of W professor speaks on LGBTQ presence in Canadian schools”


The National Inventory of School District Interventions

The University of Winnipeg, News Centre (8 July 2016)
“National study on schools and LGBTQ youth released: Survey finds Canadian school administrators want LGBTQ supports”

Wire Service: Canadian Free Press Release & Media Distribution Service (8 July 2016)
“Media Release: National Study on Schools and LGBTQ Youth Released”

Winnipeg Sun (8 July 2016)
“Schools want to support LGBTTQ* students: study”

CBC News (8 July 2016)
“Canadian schools want to support LGBTQ youth, study says”

CBC Info (8 Juillet 2016)
“Une étude montre que les écoles canadiennes soutiennent la jeunesse LGBT”

Global News (8 July 2016)
“Canadian schools want to support safety for LGBTQ students: Study”

CTV News (8 July 2016)
“First-ever Steinbach Pride March draws thousands”

Winnipeg Free Press (8 July 2016)
“Canadian schools ‘unsafe’ for LGBTQ students, U of W researcher says”

On July 9, 2016, Catherine Taylor addressed the assembly at the first-ever Steinbach Pride March. Watch her address here:

MASS Journal: The official magazine of the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents (Fall 2016)
Special Issue: “LGBTQ – Everyone is welcome in our schools”