Faculty in the News

Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications

Jaqueline McLeod Rogers

McLuhan Monday Night Webinars #6 (recorded June 1 2020)
Jaque is introduced at 12:04

"Teaching writing online: Starting the conversation." Arts Newsletter, May 2020,

Matthew Flisfeder

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Who’s Zooming who? How the coronavirus crisis is finally putting the ‘social’ into social media.” The Conversation Canada. April 20th, 2020. (Republished in the Winnipeg Free Press on April 30th, 2020).

From Doge to TikTok: How Society and Our Memes Changed in the 2010s.” Huffington PostCanada. December 31st, 2019.

Jason Hannan

"Bernie Sanders: Making socialism cool again." The Conversation Canada. March 1, 2020.