Jennifer Clary-Lemon

Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications

Jennifer Clary-Lemon Title: Coordinator of Tutoring Centre, Associate Professor
Office: 3G15
Building: Graham Hall
Phone: 204.786.9457


Jennifer Clary-Lemon is an Associate Professor in the Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications. Her research interests focus around writing and location—discursive ethnic, racial, and national identities; material rhetorics of time and space; critical discourse analysis; place-based ways of seeing and knowing scholarly disciplines. Her past work on community-based and experiential learning, feminist praxis, mentoring, critical multiculturalism, and civic engagement at all levels of curriculum support learning as a transformative experience, based on the conceptualization of teaching as reflective practice. She teaches Academic Writing, Rhetorics of Identity, Writing for Scholarly Audiences, Composition Studies, and Critical Studies of Discourse, among other courses. Her recent publications may be found in Rhetoric Review, College Composition and Communication, Discourse and Society, and The American Review of Canadian Studies.

RHET professor co-authors book on writing



PhD, English (Rhetoric and Composition), Arizona State University, 2006
MA, English (Writing Theory and Pedagogy), DePaul University, 2001
BA, Political Science, Arizona State University, 1998


Current Research Teams/Projects

UW Cultural Studies Research Group

Oral History Centre Affiliate

Engaging Children and Marginalized Youth (SSHRC 681-2014-0024, PI Catherine Taylor)


Executive Committee Member, CCCC, 2013-2016

NCTE Spokesperson

Past Editor, Composition Studies

Past Director, Global College Institute for Literacy, Diversity, Identity


FALL, 2017-WINTER, 2018

RHET-2500-001 Tutoring Writing

FALL, 2017

RHET-3329-001 Writing for Scholarly Audiences

WINTER, 2018

RHET-3155-001 Writing on the Environment

Research Interests:
  • writing theory and pedagogy
  • critical discourse analysis
  • disciplinary mapping
  • discursive construction of national identities
  • material rhetorics and historiograph
  • rhetorics of location and place


Selected Publications

“Museums as Material: Experiential Landscapes and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.” Enculturation 20 (December 2015): n. pag.

“Location.” Keywords in Writing Studies, ed. Peter Vandenberg and Paul Heilker.Logan: Utah State UP, 2015. 103-107.

“Archival Research Processes: A Case for Material Methods.” Rhetoric Review 33.4 (2014): 381-402.

“Analyzing Discourses of Political Elites: Discourse of Irish Emigration in the 1970s.” Discourse and Society 25.5 (2014): 619-639.

Huckin, Tom, Jennifer Andrus, and Jennifer Clary-Lemon. “Critical Discourse Analysis and Rhetoric/Composition.” CCC Special Issue on Research Methodologies 64.1 (September 2012): 107-129.

Recent Conference Presentations

"How Interdependencies Travel: Events and Temporality." Conference on College Composition and Communication. 8 April 2016. Houston, TX.
“Into the Wild: Discourses of Silviculture and Choric Clearings.” Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference. 30 October 2015. Tempe, AZ.
“How Methods Speak/What Methods Say.” Invited presentation, Current Canadian Oral History Research panel. International Workshop on Oral History. 3 October 2015. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
“Janus in the Writing Center: Ambivalence and Generativity.” Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference. 17 July 2015. Boise, Idaho.