Forms - Research Grants and Ethics

Research Office


WebGrants is where you will find application forms, request to carry-over funds and final report forms for internal research grants, animal ethics and human ethics.  You will be able to find out details of all your active research grants including account numbers and external grant/contract details.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Research Award

To support UWinnipeg academic researchers engaged in EDI-related work and help further the overall aims of the University of Winnipeg federal EDI Institutional Capacity-Building Grant.

Gupta Research Grant

To support and facilitate research activities in the area of kinesiology and applied health sciences at the University of Winnipeg.

SSHRC Exchange Grant

To support Post-Doctoral Fellows at UWinnipeg with an opportunity for conference travel to enhance their career development while working and training with a UWinnipeg supervisor in the Social Sciences and Humanities.  (NOTE:  for SSHRC PDFs only)

Research Committee

Department Research Committee Evaluations and Department Chair Evaluations will still require a signature.  In order to facilitate this, applicants will need evaluators to access the evaluation forms from the Research Office website.  Please complete, print, sign, and return them to the applicant.  Applicants will then upload them onto their WebGrants application form.  Below are the evaluation forms: 

  • Department Research Committee Evaluation (DOC)
  • Department Chair Evaluation (DOC)

Animal Ethics

Applications for animal ethics are available on Webgrants.  All animal ethics applications will still require a signature.  Please print and sign the Declaration form and attach it to your WebGrants application.  If Pedagogical Merit or Scientific Peer Review is required, please contact the Program Officer at  Below are the forms:

  • Review for Pedagogical Merit for Use of Animals in Teaching (DOC)
  • Declaration (PDF)

Human Ethics

Applications for Human Ethics are available on Webgrants.  Please note, Departmental Ethics Committees must complete the DEC Review Form and this must be attached to your final ethics application when you submit it in WebGrants.  Below is the form:

  • Departmental Ethics Committee (DEC) Review (DOC)