Research Support Fund - Objectives for 2017-18 RSF Grant

Institutional Performance Objectives 2017-2018

Eligible Expenditure Category

Institutional Performance Objective



Outcomes reported at year end

Research Facilities

Maintain sufficient high quality research space to meet faculty and student research needs

Research spaces for faculty and students remain operational throughout the year

20% of the University’s RSF grant will be used to maintain research spaces

All space needs accommodated for researchers across campus

Research Resources


Sustain resources responsibly

Trustworthy and respected open access resources remain available to our faculty and students

30% of the RSF is dedicated to research resources, including Library administration and holdings

Improved capacity for the storage, management, archiving and dissemination of research data

Regulatory Requirements and Accreditation

Maintain ethics and  reporting compliance as mandated by the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCSP2) and the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC)

Active human and animal research ethics protocols renewed annually and animal use report submitted to CCAC

A portion of the RSF used to support online application and reviewing system

Remain compliant with TCPS2 and CCAC guidelines, and maintain ongoing certification in Good Animal Practice

Management and Administration of institution’s research enterprise

Continue to support and increase Tri-Council grant applications and efficiently process and administrate Tri-Council awards

The number and quality of Tri-Council grant applications submitted by faculty and the rate of successful awards

30% of the University’s RSF grant supports the salaries of our research facilitators, and research accounting personnel

The number of federal granting agency applications submitted and awarded in 2017-2018, compared to 2016-2017 results

Intellectual Property and Knowledge Mobilization

Develop our capacity to respond to growth in industry-led projects, research partnerships and commercial opportunities

The number of new industry-led projects and research partnerships initiated

10% of the University’s RSF grant supports salaries and fees toward internal and external legal, IP, and tech transfer expertise

Increase the number of industry-led projects, research partnerships,  and opportunities for commercialization